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IT Advice Helps Charities Expand

The Housing Link (2003)

Keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations and software is vital in helping organisations adapt to their developing requirements. Graham Evans, director of The Housing Link (2003), a charity which aims to prevent homelessness, explains how putting in place the right IT system has assisted in its successful growth.

The Housing Link started working with Glideslope Software in 2003 when their previous IT support provider couldn’t fulfil its needs.

“The charity was split over two sites yet we needed to be able to access files immediately to provide all our staff with the most recent information simultaneously,” Graham explains. “In addition our system had slowed considerably due to several viruses. John re-installed the server and the 18 computers and this immediately improved the system’s performance and notably our remote access.”

As the charity helps people with urgent housing issues, it cannot afford to be without its IT system and access to important files.

“The nature of our work with the community means we often require Glideslope Software to work outside normal hours to avoid disruption. Recently Glideslope Software was on site within an hour, took the server away to fix it and then re-instated it later the same day when everyone had left so that our staff and the people we help were not inconvenienced,” Graham continues.

More recently, as the charity continued to grow steadily, Glideslope Software was called on to advise about using IT to improve the communication between the team.

“When we expanded to three sites, we were recommended to consider Skype to keep our costs down because calls over wireless internet and Instant Messenger are free. Colleagues can now contact me on Skype when I work from home.

“John Miller, director of Glideslope Software, also recommended Microsoft Sharepoint, which has simplified file transfers across the split sites and we now have in place an email referrals process meaning we can respond more quickly than some other charities which still do so by post.”

And Glideslope Software does more than provide the software, delivering training and written notes to help organisations fully utilise the benefits of the new systems and the programmes it recommends.

“We have a tight budget and Glideslope Software has enabled us to ‘work smarter’ and provide fast and well-organised assistance to those who need it. It has played an integral role in the growth and success of this charity,” concludes Graham.

The Benefits of IT Support Services

  • Outsourcing your IT support services provides your organisation with easy and timely access to specialist knowledge and skills. The lack of in-house IT experts in an organisation need not stand in the way of taking advantage of the latest technology.
  • Your staff will have easier access to new technology with an increased focus on delivering your organisation’s key services. This means that your customers’ satisfaction levels will be higher as your staff will be able to concentrate on your customers’ needs and not their own IT problems.
  • An outsourced IT support service means that the return on your investment is clearer thanks to more effective cost control and service-level guarantees. And budgeting becomes easier because you are guaranteed fixed IT support costs.
  • The use of IT support services can result in higher levels of efficiency thanks to a more focused use of your organisation’s limited resources and your organisation’s processes will improve through the establishment of best IT practices.
  • Out-sourcing your IT support services allows your organisation to make optimal use of your existing resources by reducing the pressure on your staff. This will allow your staff to focus on your organisation’s core competencies rather than on IT support tasks.
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