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Severing Ties with Expensive Solutions

The Bond Board

Relocating is problematic for most businesses, let alone for those in the public sector often called on to be available around the clock. Earlier this year, The Bond Board, a charity that assists people to secure accommodation in the private rental sector, merged two offices into one to reduce overheads. The charity asked Glideslope Software, its IT consultancy for over two years, to oversee the IT planning and logistics of the move to ensure a smooth, fast and cost-effective process.

Despite prior planning, Glideslope Software and the charity found that a phone line had not been fitted in its new premises by another contractor as requested, leaving The Bond Board without essential communication channels such as email - a vital tool for liaising with service providers, current and potential tenants and landlords. Glideslope Software resolved this setback quickly and inexpensively by linking a router to the line at the previous office and connecting the server there, allowing access to emails. At the new office, a dongle (a device which is connected to a computer to allow wireless internet access) was provided, which enabled The Bond Board to use the internet so it did not miss out on potential funding opportunities and on helping people who may otherwise have become homeless.

An additional problem at the new office was that the existing IT infrastructure had been severed, which could have meant that all the cabling had to be replaced. Again, to keep costs to a minimum, Glideslope Software repaired the damage, saving The Bond Board over £1,500.

Andrew Beeput, chief officer of The Bond Board, explained: “The only thing about the move that wasn’t stressful was Glideslope Software! Working with vulnerable people means that we couldn’t afford to be offline in case they needed us – Glideslope Software ensured that we were able to continue with our services as normal and no one noticed the glitch. John Miller, director of Glideslope Software, really understands the pressure charities are under and always considers this when making recommendations. He saved us so much money - I can’t put a price on his help. It was invaluable.”

Secure & Successful IT Relocation

For most organisations IT has become an essential element for running their operations and so it is important to give careful thought to this aspect of your office move to ensure that IT equipment and business phone systems are fully functional from day one in your new office.

Moving IT equipment is not as simple as packing and unpacking boxes so this aspect of your office relocation is best handled by specialists who are familiar with the logistical and technical aspects of handling IT equipment, and have the expertise to dismantle your IT network and then reassemble it safely and securely in your new office to ensure that no valuable business data gets lost.

The most important aspect of a smooth IT relocation is to ensure that your systems are up and running as quickly as possible which requires:

  • Selecting the most appropriate network and cabling configuration.
  • Efficient reinstallation of all PCs, printers, servers and business phone systems.
  • Testing all systems on the network.
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